Parent & Rider Feedback

Hamilton RDA welcomes feedback from riders, parents and caregivers. Thank you for your ongoing support.

To Whom It May Concern.
In 2011 my daughter Cian started going to Riding for the Disabled (RDA). In this time RDA has helped her in a lot of ways. Cian lives with cerebral palsy (CP) with spastic quadriplegia and as a consequence of this is limited in the physical activities she can do. We found RDA helped to fill this gap in a big way. It is a physical activity that she can do and enjoys a great deal.Parenting a child with a disability often has you watching them miss out on normal childhood activities. RDA returns some of that normal childhood back to Cian’s life. Cian has taken to riding a horse with a new type of confidence that we had not seen before. She now knows that there are physical activities she can be good at and in turn this has given her the confidence to try more. Off the back of the confidence she has gained by going to RDA she has taken up swimming and is training to participate in a triathlon.On top of the mental benefits of RDA it also helps with Cian’s physical therapy. One of the ongoing battles we have with Cian is getting her to stretch her muscles. This helps improve her mobility and minimises the need for, and the impact of surgery. Cian hates doing this and it puts her in a lot of pain. The riding she does at RDA stretches her muscles in a fun and enjoyable way. As a result of this we can get her to do it for a longer time with better results.This all helps us offer Cian as normal a childhood as we can and helps her grow to become an independent adult who enjoys life and contributes to society.  
Your Sincerely, Thomas Lochore