Sponsor a Horse

"Our horses are our partners in this life changing process"

Our organisation relies on volunteers and the on-going commitment and generosity of the community and our supporters.

We are currently seeking horse sponsorship to cover the cost of caring for an RDA horse over the course of a year.

Hamilton Group RDA helps over 120 riders every week develop, increase and improve their abilities through the provision of therapeutic horse riding and horse care.

Our horses are our partners in this life changing process – help us care for them so they can continue to provide up to 4000 rides per year to those facing the challenge of disability.

There are many ongoing costs associated with the care and training of our RDA horses such as: Feed, Hay, Dental treatment, Shoeing and Drenching.

Your support will ensure that our Equine partners continue to receive the care and training that is so vital to their well being and the success of our programme.

The current annual total cost of caring for an RDA horse is $3000.00. The cost of your horse sponsorship can be:
  • Paid as the full amount
  • Spread over quarterly payments

The Benefits of Sponsorship:

We would love to recognise your valuable contribution in ways that are meaningful for you, these could include:
  • Acknowledgement of your support on our website
  • A link to your website
  • Signage at our facilities  
  • Acknowledgement in our newsletters
  • Right to use the image of the horse and its sponsorship in your marketing  
  • Hamilton RDA is a registered charity so sponsorships are tax deductible